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vagabond maurice – session 08 – swordfish ii, model 2405 (beat space 7) lyrics


beat sp-ce 7

[verse i]
calligraphy, sketched to break down your frequency /
vagabond’s, wielding caster sh-ll’s beneath the tongue / (huh)
spit black holes, send them off to the shadow realm / my
shadow clones be mobbing from, the doomsday zone / meaning
i’m super sonic fighting robotnik / in a / giant mech /
collect emeralds like chains, there’s /
chaos in the realm of my pen /
so i balance good and evil in the palm of my hand / that’s
yin to the yang / or, yun to the yang /
ken and ryu / dragon fists to the chin /
sweet chin to the music, so uh, can i kick it? / like, (like who?) /
like otto rocket twisting kick flips from a pulpit /
soul’s lit, like a summer solstice, i got this /
burnt like fire bender’s during sozen’s / comet /
uncle iroh wisdom, duo-wield microphones /
when i get up in the zone / (and)

[verse ii]
my mic check be, bruce lee /
enter the dragon, my dragon kiss
dismiss emcees when i step from the heavens /
basking in eternal sunlight, my halo
glow like amitabh with the welcoming approach / meaning
the verse be the last quote from the death note/ more
spiritual than lyrical, when i summon souls / from
the depths of my breath, sketching adversaries in chalk lines /
when they read between my minds /
omni potent, omni immaculate tactics
flipping fool’s gold to platinum / prophet wielding
philosopher’s stone / tucked beneath the palm /
strike with dragon fists / first gear shift like luffy /
my one piece, saitama, genki dama when my soul glow /
urameshi messy on break beats, when the cadence like /
goku on a summersault cloud, wielding buster swords /
busting down the industry like an alchemist, full /
metal in my fragrance / finesse like a lotus /
bloom twice, with my sutra / switch kicks, when you neutral /
my natural style / compiles / a field of comets /
i’m moving on a higher echelon, riding on epyon / or
god’s gundam / beboping a frequency /
martial artist scientist, cunning with my angles /
i’m cutting through / smoke and mirrors till my soul, /
mirrors the moon / mirrors the sun /
till the universe and i become one / (yo!)

cruising through a city where /
gengars are present /
ghost riding the whip with fallen homies/
we gon, talk about it /