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vale of pnath – den of inequity lyrics


when the shade makes a shadow to show self evidence, an
unrelentless force begins to
surface. giving the attraction to the loathe of sickness
and to alter and
perhaps divide what once made you paralyzed. why should
the inspiration die?
pick up the colonized finger that gave off the odor of
false direction. rub it
on your neck and feel what inhabited ident-ty can
provide. oh how this suit
fits and makes me look like a controlled being. i never
knew concrete had such
a subtle side. this was the breath that started a
revolving machine that
continues to soften the blackened light, but an eclipse
has never bounded my
sight. it has begun to spread until peripheral seduction
started looking back
at me. that breath made the links of a denial seem
distant and forgiving. some
of us just stay numb. all it took and all it will ever
take is one breath.
mental capacity begins to implode, so many shadows. never
mix the throat with
trained thought; it will only cause the implosion of a
shadowed mind. ….