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valermesb$ – demo tape 2 lyrics


he walk up dab me up like he a friend of me
compare us to other crews lil hoe that’s a discrepancy
got bl!cks if you want us to up it then you see tha colored beam
glock 30 clip remove blood cells like a muh f+cking spleen
4d 40 for me i keep the f+cking bl!ck tucked
i got more thots than a d+mn brain yeah peep this benz truck
you heard of c o t b $ so keep yo mouth shut
before we pull up give you halos like a f+cking grunt
we bust them tre’s and treys and trays
we work for days till we in daze
we smoke the green and it ain’t maize
you lost yo way like a d+mn mazе
valermes is the d+mn bеst caress the breast of a mistress
my b+tch so mad her name miss stress
all in her mouth like my name crest
i rock the fashion that woo crowds
im rolling loud
up in your town
like pac i seem to get around
yo b+tch aroused
at my d+mn sound

i got a choppa and it blow
a bull like rodmen, robmen, pro
my beretta blow like yo d+mn nose
im gon spray cuz they my hoes