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vampire rodents – gargoyles lyrics


sharpened today your steel finger tips taps my shoulder
you’d better know the smell of his breath
you are the skin beneath his nails
you’d better sleep with your cloths on
they could be here anytime
you’d better learn how to swim
when it rains – god is crying
when the devil chips a nail – there’s an earthquake
now i see how man made it out to be a action reaction
they’ll make a believer out of you
you’d better learn how to swim
you gotta swim like you’re going to burst into flames
you’d better learn how to swim in frozen waters
you should spend some time,
you should see what it’s like to live in a life embalmed in decadence
if you think it’s too much to remember, too much to know exactly where they’re at
you’d better save some rope for your neck
the davil paints his nails as god’s angels adjust their wire wings
will you be so sure that you could never believe again
you’d better fake it
you’d better make time to learn how to swim
keep talking…