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vampyrouss – bastet of the east lyrics


the faltering flame, it wanes before my eyesas darkness
finally conquers lady bastet’s holy shrine
a grey day overhead, as her death is mourned
this betrayal of the gods whom took away her refined form
will raise the wrath of slaves taken in by her dark
wresting twixt the fabrics which kept her men from taking
to arms
a holy war now beckons like a plague upon the nile
with deathlike crooked fingers pointing scythes unto the

unto the sky
goddess of the flame, no more flickers fervent eyes
the lady of the east no longer with the sun shall rise
our perfumed protector fallen to protect her kin
shall see her legend carried on a war of deicidal sin
in her name and against her will the powers shall be
for glory and for egypt
and to ease the pain
to ease the pain