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vanha – desolation lyrics


desolation rules the surface now
as the ashes fall upon those who does not exist
silence controls everything
and the stars, visible no more

cold and dark is all that remains
where there once was love
slowly this will crumble and fall
and in the end, darkness for us all

the dark, the cold, the empty devours us all
swallows us whole, and the soul we bear
to be forgotten, forever
to dissolve, into never

the l-st to remember and the prayers for hope
will soon be forgotten, as we all fade away
into the darkness we move
and desolation remains

give in to the darkness
give in to death
as the pulse fades away
so does everything else, forever

desolation remains
desolation constrains
all signs of life is no more
to ashes torn

into the darkness we descend
into the nothingness we end