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vanityz – da illest lyrics


[verse 1]

you can’t stop the super flows
only few know
shoutout to mf doom as i recoup and show
reboot the show
cause i know whats gone happened like when i see snoop wit dro
its fantastic
when my accidental plans match it
not listening if the plans drastic
unless my fans p-ssed it
cause i like goin according to them
i dont know its just something about recording your sins
that i be reporting to them
when i spit flows its like im just flooring the gems
if i was playing ball then i’d be scoring in gyms
i dont comprehend to r-t-rds
when the questions they ask are about these bars
cause people just wanna f-ck eachother like p stars
but music is the main concern for me up in dr
but im the only troop in my army
cause everybody else dont believe in these bars b
everybody hooked on these b-tches like barbies
you talk sh-t and ill write the ten crack commandments on your forehead wit a sharpie, mothaf-cka
so n-body won’t forget it
have you like d-mn i should thought about it before i did it
when i found out it was sharpie i almost sh-tted
i had a blunt and almost lit it
but the lighter wouldn’t light so im glad it didn’t
cause the flame would of ignited the dynamite
on a silent night
when vanityz recite the things that he writes
thats just an example
of when you these rhymes ramble
you can call it a sample
cause when im done ya whole face gone be scrambled
like ya morning breakfast
thats situations in the morning, its pretty boring
but in our situation its hectic
have you thinking about suicide wit the rope around ya neck like a necklace
then the commentators gonna say next is
oh sh-t thats me
n-body could match me
if i was a mic then n-body could sn-tch me
cause as soon as i step on the stage you know im the realest
as you slowly start to hear the crowd chant you da illest
yea, you da illest
you da illest, yea
you da illest
im da illest