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vargskelethor – ghestbest lyrics


[intro: vargskelethor]
d-mn… life hasn’t been the same since grandma p-ssed away last year. if there’s only one way to bring her back, i’ll do it. no matter what
what’s this ad about? re- resurrection?

[verse 1: vargskelethor and ghost johnson]
h-llo (h-llo?)
my name is ghost johnson (oh, h-llo. how’re you doing?)
i play drums so good (oh?)
that i bring back the dead (really?!?)
oh, what’s that? you want grandma back? (yes!!!)
well, let me do a drum solo to bring her back. (yeah!!!)

oh my god! it’s- it’s working! it’s working!
make grandma come back to life!

oh my god, she doesn’t have any skin! aaaaaa!!!
no refunds