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various artists – father, i stretch lyrics


father, i stretch my hands to thee,
no other help i know;
if thou withdraw thyself from me,
ah! whither shall i go?

what did thine only son endure,
before i drew my breath!
what pain, what labor, to secure
my soul from endless death!

o jesus, could i this believe,
i now should feel thy power;
now my poor soul thou wouldst retrieve,
nor let me wait one hour.

surely thou canst not let me die;
o speak, and i shall live;
and here i will unwearied lie,
till thou thy spirit give.

author of faith! to thee i lift
my weary, longing eyes:
o let me now receive that gift!
my soul without it dies.

the worst of sinners would rejoice,
could they but see thy face:
o, let me hear thy quickening voice,
and taste thy pardoning grace.