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velokeys – ​bang heads lyrics


h+ll nah, i ain’t done yet
your b+tch, she gon’ suck my d+ck, she gon’ bang heads
n+gga mad as f+ck, he broke as h+ll, n+gga, where your bread?
i don’t really f+ck with n+ggas, all these n+ggas f+cking lame
making money so d+mn fun, yeah, this sh+t is like a game
making money everyday got me running to the bank
sh+t got me feeling so good, i’m feeling like it’s fate
and your b+tch having fun, yeah, she want to go on a date
had some n+ggas turn on my back, yeah, they turn fake
yeah, they f+cking mad ’cause i go get the f+cking k
yeah, this n+gga broke as h+ll, yeah, this n+gga looking stressed
while i’m getting to the money, feel so good, i’m feeling blessed
n+gga tried to pull up on me, we gon’ put you to the test
n+gga tried to f+ck with me and trying to go connect

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