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velvet teen – counting backwards lyrics


maybe tomorrow marks the end
of this painful phase we’re in
maybe the sunrise shows the way for us
maybe the stars that fill your eyes
are the stars that have been
leading me my whole life
just to end up with you

but when you get too close
i run and hide
close your eyes, count backwards
i don’t give up
without a fight
here i come, i’ll find you
and love, i’m yours
if you’ll turn me out
when you need me, i’ll be there
we hide and seek, but always leave
hand in hand

maybe this chapter marks the start
of no more broken hearts
maybe the letters all spell out happiness
maybe the words aren’t always kind,
but they’re never meant
to make you feel alone,
just to stand up to you

and i’ll carry you
if you promise to carry me
we’ll carry we
it’s a simple thing
you and me

you and me