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venetia fair – ii: the dirt won’t keep your secrets lyrics


baby, you’re fine! just try to sit still, look beautiful
i know that it’s hard to forget about all the awful things that you’ve done
but i’ve blocked them out.
so i’ll keep quiet and bury memories like a scared, old dog with his bone
and every single night i’ll stay in while outside it starts raining
like the earth won’t keep your secrets,
and they’re floating up to greet us
but if the dirt won’t keep your secrets then i will

’cause i know it’s late but i need you here (i’ve gotta to be going)
the canvas will keep all those sins soaked in its thread (you’ve gotta move past this)
i’ll paint, i’ll paint you a perfect portrait and cover all those flaws i never saw
so you can’t leave yet ’cause if the dirt can’t keep your secrets then i won’t stop

baby i’m right, i’ve never been wrong to trust myself
i know it got hard, (hard to forget about all the awful things that you’ve done)
so you took a stab at something else.
and i kept quiet and buried memories of a sad, young man all alone
and every single night i’m painting while inside i’m still waiting for this house to feel like home

so i’ll work all night
and i’ll layer on the fiction with each smudged imperfect line
and i’ll let the rain dig up your past
but i’m terrified of what the sky might find beneath the gr-ss