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vennart – luminous target lyrics


dive in, be careless
survival be lost on a dare
and win surrounded by martyrs
the men of the match in their grave

wrapped in a veil
stop the bleeding, the flood
fleeting the life that
you promised us all

i am the war, i am the war
show me the door
to the end of the battery

look what it’s come to
a heart that continuous to bear
witness to counterparts
and to look on and to glare

word to the docile reigning so poor
god knows that god couldn’t care anymore
throw us a bone (x2)
luminous target
the dreams that i’m shattеring

walking on water
the harder it is to look down
ground into dust
by a vow tarrеd and feathered with love
now that you know
forgive yourself for losing control
echelon your fantasies
take a belt to the bone

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