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veonity – when humanity is gone lyrics


darkness surrounds us
evil is rising, spreading destruction
hatred and fear
so the beauty of life fades away

igniting the war
i know the end is almost here
i will survive, search for a new beginning
soon the world will fall

i’ll prove us wrong, one day we’ll see
that life is eternal, creation is free
i’ll find a way, it’s meant to be
the last of our species, into eternity

when humanity’s gone forever
and the sun doesn’t shine no more
and when the seas are dried and forgotten
i’ll be millions of light years away

we’re living a nightmare
an endless night and we cannot awake
no hope for salvation
because pride has devoured our souls

we have met the end
all that we had on earth is gone
there is no light beyond the darkness
there is only hope in sp+ce
oh oh oh
i’m heading out for sp+ce