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verona grove – goodbye surrender lyrics


here? s your chance to let it out.
to show me how you really feel.
the hardest part is almost over,
from here on out we bring our plans to real.

how could this be over,
when all you knew was lying there before you?
how do take control of all the things you know have been controlling you?

wait for me now, i? m coming home.
i? m bringing back my sense of humor.
so reach for me now and forget the thoughts of this.
another goodbye could be surrender.

slow me down before i move too fast
so i can make the best of this time with you.
the saddest part is never over,
i? m sorry it? s the truth we never admit to.

and now i? m four months older,
a thousand short, and ten times smarter.
all the lessons we learned a university could never ever offer