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versatile – mad scene lyrics



whatche’ say that for, ye little bleeding thick, i’ve a f-cking ounce balled and we could have been nicked
i know yeah but f-ck him i knew he couldn’t run quick, now lets get bleeding whacked & forget about the pr-ck
i don’t wanna get chased man you know i’m proper stressing, i didn’t sort yokes & we’re going to a session
i’m praying the boys have a few cause that would be a blessing
if you think i won’t get mashed tonight you’d wanna be messing
i was talking to the boys & they told me they got sorted
the speakers fixed & all pal its no longer distorted
& garda won’t be there tonight so no one’s getting escorted
& i also got a bag of white that’s waiting to be snorted
thank f-ck for that now i’m dying to get plastered
drop a few yellows & scr-p a garda b-st-rd
when pigs come to sessions its always a disaster
but when i pan them out i’ll leg it cause i can run faster
when you say it like that man you have me f-cking buzzing
i might drop a yoke or two or maybe a couple dozen
lash a few cans back & have a knock off me cousin
then come home bleeding p-ssed & give me bird a dutch oven
the boys are after texting me their waiting at the docks
then we’re going to the offo & getting out the box
lovely just remembered they got me a gram from the bough
i heard its tangerine dreams & its top of the stock..
todays a good day its the end of the drought
i went two whole days without a roach near me mouth
me & alex going the offo & all the boys are out
& thank f-ck i dodged that motherf-cking drought
cause when it comes to green pal i couldn’t do without
& i’m not talking about cabbage or brussels sprouts
& hopefully there’s gonna be a few sl-ts about..
cause we’re gonna be like fishermen, reeling in the trout

its a f-cking mad scene, blokes/birds getting mashed
session gets crashed, the garda gets bashed
me & the boys smoking some hash [x2]

strolling to the session, me life is a doss
rolled a joint, got stoned, got paid by fás
when it comes to sniffing everyone knows i’m the boss
i’ll start a session here & bring it to moyross
that joint is whopper boys the blow off it’s a beauty
you’ll never find a session where the boys are off duty
never took the gear but pal we smoke the blueys
boys i’m telling ye these yokes are mad chewy!
you relax will ye, before i lose the plot
i’m trying to figure out will there be any moths
& i dont care about stuck up birds regarded as hot
fat birds love you as a person & give you ya rocks
of course there will be fat birds, chill out ya headcase
there’ll be one for all the boys, cause they’ll have all their mates
but lets forget about that now, & pick up the pace
cause the quicker we get there the quicker i’m outta me face
me session senses tell me, its gonna be a kicker
i’m dying to get whacked come on we start walking quicker
boys i’m starving who’s staling it the chipper
need to line me stomach before i start abusing me liver
bollox to that, we got sid da bleeding caterer
he made some hash browns with his money from the labour
lovely if a session moth goes near them i’ll be baiting her
cause every session needs a scr-p & every session needs a straightener!


what the f-ck this is mad, garda crashing the session
hung by the neck & f-cking stabbed, the poor c-nt got it bad..
f-ck him he’s just a rat we need to skat before enforcements come
back to the flats boys the garda’s getting wrapped boys
we’re all gonna get a swarmed by the swat
i’m sure as h-ll not getting caught
f-ck the boys & f-ck me moth, rubber pellets f-cking hurt
we need to find the boys first & leave the garda in the dirt
.. that was jays voice, where the f-ck’s that mongo i can see the garda lights
“boys what’s up!?”
where were you ye thick a garda’s dead & now we’re all f-cked
he was fingering a barrel in a bush & she had thrush..
listen get the boys quick or else we’re all getting nicked
sid has a half-o down his b-lls, & a blunt between his lips
yeah we get on the move
cause the garda rats will be flooding the place very soon
f-ck it tho at least they know it now just how we do
on the east coast of dublin pal you won’t find no fools!
here alex your mad your bleeding losing the head
but i can’t say i’m not glad that the garda sc-m is dead
shout out to all the boys in dublin from the boys in ringsend!

wats up wats up tallaght
ye, ye finglas
ha ha wats d story coolock
ye shout out to ballyer wha
ye, noely rudd wat
ye ye lovely blueys der wha ha ha