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vexter wifi – bloody love lyrics


looking at the mirror like its talking to me

(verse 1: vexter wifi)
looking at the pressure falling on me, devil calling for me
drama falling on me, she was falling for them phony lies
scream ya soul out, look me in my eyes
tell me that you love him
guess i’m a sucka for pain, yes i’m a dummy
don’t you lie to me, run from me (huh)
why you acting funny ?
why’d i give you what i did ?
what have you done for me ?
what haven’t you done to me ?

all my angels ’round me, blood related to the devil
i’m so busy, i can’t even fit in my own schedule
love you, then i hate you
speaking all my feelings to the crowd
shaking, hoping they relate too

(chorus: vexter wifi)
bl–dy love with shorty
i think that we went insane boo
relationship, submissive
we stuck wearing all these chains boo
i won’t ever change you

(verse 2: vexter wifi)
hope you never change me
hope my crazy ways don’t make you hate me
special family, feel like the adams
lips bleed when i kiss ya, and my heart is bleeding
when i miss ya
letter to morticia
all my demons ’round me wanna eat me
paint a perfect picture
make me fall so they can feed me
make believe
play the same way
make ’em all believe me
angel or demetri ?
i meant demon, from the season
eat forbidden fruit, like cooked and seasoned
treason, from your closest homies
for no reason and leave ’em
live alone, love alone, die alone
lucifer don’t want us to be clones
so we better be so careful
sitting while the problems come and test you
they won’t resurrect
vexter, shawty wanna hex you
shawty play chess too
vex you, vexter
n-ggas wanna press you
n-ggas wanna flex, you
living how you living in ya temple
looking down at enemies you’d bless too

but i am
looking at the mirror like its talkin’ to me

looking over shoulder
speaking to my walkie talkie
do you copy? over
as i’m getting older
situations getting bolder
certain things i’m getting over
the world is always getting colder
that’s another fact (uh)
as a matter fact (uh)
always looking over shoulder
they lookin for me, looking for my folder
wanna know about me
looking for my clouty

(vexter wifi & scizz 30)
situations misled
all the feelings mis fed

(verse 3: scizz 30)
conversations misread
demons controlling my mentality so i think i’d rather be dead

i feel like i’m doomed
trapped up in my room
depression has come taken over my life
and i hope that i get it back soon

i’m over-consumed
by all of the things
that i have relived
in all of my dreams
i know that you’re scared from all of the screams
i solemnly swear it’s not what it seems
girl it could be you
or maybe its me
but our bl–dy love is just what i need
you’re like a vaccine

to numb up all of the pain
that is inside of my brain (yeah)
i feel like i’m going insane (yeah)
ohh baby i’m going insane (uhh)
to my temple is where i take aim (uhh)
deep breath then i let it

(verse 4: vexter wifi)
i’m feelin the rain, i’m feeling the clouds
i’m feelin’ my pain, i never knew how
k!lling a subject that’s relevant
telling a friend
vex isn’t of the foolery
what a psycho with jewelry
vex the medallion
filled up with curses, growing in m-sses
fatter the purses

bl–dy love with shorty
imma k!ll you ’cause i love you
always feel you ’cause we’re one
2,3, and 4
you, love me ’till end of every world
you’re a psycho and you’re endless
make me spin and make me twirl
the way laugh, the way you smirk
our bl–dy past, we bleed the same
we love the same, we went insane
we feelin’ numb but when it hurts
we’re feeling cursed, so please never leave
’cause ain’t n0body bleed like me
my love i’ll never leave
bl–dy love

(outro: vexter wifi)
bl–dy love, the one for me