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victor – blahnik ft. kayo lyrics


kayo and vic
kayo and vic
with sky

[verse 1]
you wouldn’t believe if i told you i did it
i rather you read it instead of delete it
starting to feel like this edibles listen
i said it was trash then it started to kick me
i wanted head
and she talking ‘bout picnics
sh+t made think should have chosen a pick+me
you know a lot better than dissing, i’m hoping
i’m down to cut ties i’m not taking a “sorry”
times when i thought, should’a hung out with david
gave him a summary, he doesn’t blame me
baby got a baby
never thought i’d say this
i wanted to say something
then i rephrased it
god did thеn i did right after
ho got me crying, swear it’s from laughtеr (frrr, frrrr)
bro in his feelings, someone gotta check her
huh, didn’t this n+gga say he’s a rapper (frrr, frrr)
[verse 2]
she came to my crib but she wasn’t down
i got a dozen b+tches and they down
all of these n+ggas they really be clowns
b+tch i’m high, up with the clouds
mac+11 and it got 100 rounds
issey miyake my jeans but it’s a scrimmage when we hop on the scene
what would i do if the music ain’t work
what would i do if the perkies ain’t work
she was a queen but now for the streets
d+mn, i feel like i’m durk
sippin codeine in the booth when i work
20 more bands, send me the code
i need the money, b+tch, pay me to work
i got some fans on ig live
told that b+tch “shut up” and she made that b+tch twerk

[verse 3]
told her i won’t touch unless she lets me, yeah
then she lets me, yeah
told me go slow
but i like to show speed, yeah
s+xy as sh+t got that ho on a spell
oh she’s a bummer and not like mich+lle
i thought he my brother, i thought he my twin
pillowtalking his ho what i said not to tell, d+mn
blahnik on her heels, when she walks, cl!ck+cl!ck
nipples through the shirt, said her bra restricts, ay
i can tell you special baby, we ain’t even meet
i know i couldn’t fix you, know the next best thing though sis
outta pocket but you in your cc
want a man but wanna keep your sneak links
that’s the problem
caught me on a bad day
basically i’m saying i’m not the one for basic sh+t
[verse 4]
me and my twizzy just hop in the bends
me and my twizzy fiends for the xans
i keep a cutter when i’m in the ends
i see my sh+t through a double g lens
two double c one for me and her friend
they not with us, they can’t hang with the gang
time of the month i don’t care, i’m a vamp
big body whip
g+l+e 6+3, that’s it
smoking that boy like he came with a flavor
i got a mac 10, came with a laser
call me thor, b+tch i got tazer
cut a b+tch off like i came with a razor
hop on beat and they tell me keep going
but i gotta stop cause kayo keep flowing
you know i lie, i gotta destroy it
i’m off the drugs, i think this sh+t opium
can’t even lie this sh+t was euphoria