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victory day – acoustic version lyrics


“believe in all you see!” he tells me
“nothing′s what it seems” she tells me
a paradise of thieves

that will sell your soul belief
to line their pockets’ seams
with hearts too cold to grieve
i shall never trust a man that can smile at me
and say: “life is but a stage where beauty is
betrayed” & traded like a slave!
no, i shall never trust a man like that again
come, take a walk with me
to the place where four roads meet
where nothing′s what it seems &
death is solitary
“and believe in all you see!”
confined in a box with two hundred locks
& not one single key
doin’ time inside with her lonely pride
& not one guest to tea
“yes, believe in all you see!”
in the prison of her head
the walls are painted red &
the bed is bathed in blue
this skeleton sky shall be mine ’til i die!
oh, what′s a poor girl to do &
still believe in all she knew?
this shroud that i wear, heavy as lead
shall be my wedding gown
i′ll walk down the aisle that shall be my
last mile to my lover underground
yet no, no one more than i
knows how to cheat & lie
blind an angel’s eyes &
destroy man′s peace of mind
but no, no one more than i
can murmur freedom in the night
melt medusa’s smile & with one word
cool cruel desires
and yet, no one more than i has
waited longer for her trial &
still weeps for the day they sentence her to pay
“for a beauty seldom dreamed that did
perish on the eve she believed
in all she sees!”

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