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vincint – another lover lyrics


i, i got you by surprise
knew it from the first sight
your hands can help me feel alright
you’re noticing how i shine
don’t let it pass you by
wanna go wherever you’ve been going

reckless and stupid
don’t care if it’s wrong
you’re breathing me in
while i’m turning you on
some call it crazy
while i call it love
don’t wanna waste my time

so keep your eyes on me
day and night, baby
i’ll be watching me
close to ecstacy
i make it look easy
you’ve met no one like me
you’ll never need another lover
you’ll never need another lover
you, you bring me to my knees
love how you worship me
we’re just one more kiss away from heaven
dance, me with your fingertips
keep me light in your lips
cause right now i love the way we’re going

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