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vindicator – fatal infection lyrics


i’m just a temporary worker
with a temporary life
seeking out a better future
from the unemployment line

land of the free, land of the brave
land of opportunity,
or so they used to say
i can’t pay my bills, i can’t find a job
life used to be worth living
now it feels like i’ve been robbed

infection prevails
where humanity fails

like a fatal
ident-ty taxed
until i am no longer me

i’m feeling nauseous
and the room begins to spin
my cells mutating
from the m-ss of debt i’m in

society, it’s killing me
we’d better call the cdc
infectious greed, stupidity
erode the tissue of liberty


i am no longer me
i am no longer free

it seems in order to survive,
to have a decent life
you’re gonna need more money
than you’re worth

in an economy,
crippled and struggling
it’s decent people who are gonna
feel the hurt

without a corporate sponsorship
you can not pursue happiness

the times are changing,
at an accelerated speed
we need a cure,
’cause this disease is spreading fast

life rearranges
and starves a man from all his needs
when the poor b-st-rd doesn’t
to have cash

we’re all reduced to slavery
for gasoline and amnesty

backbone of our country crippled
and thrown in the trash

standby for corruption, witness
the extinction of the middle cl-ss

freedom is dead, freedom is dead
freedom is dead