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vingador – circle of death lyrics


anytime, anywhere
there are things in the air
from their graves, to your soul
death take my hand and let me go!
certain night in the winter frost
something disturbed my mind
i woke up very scared i realized that i was blind
so i saw, i was standing
my body was on the floor
cold hand touched my shoulder
i turned around and it was death
and it was death!!!
i look around
all of their faces
they just want to take me away
told me the death:
“your grave is the h-ll and you´re dead now there´s nothing to tell” surrounded by evil spirits
now i was in h-ll
agony – take my soul
make me that spell
now i know – i understand
the evil has the power
after all – i follow death
we belong to the dark side!!!
the dark side!!!