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vinzent – paparazzi famous lyrics


this multi+platinum rapper is influential and one of the best+selling troubled pasts
do you really want to be famous
because that’s not who i am
mic check, sound check, levels even

beat hot, compress, banger, here we go
cause i don’t even speak for me no more
my goal in life is capital
when it’s fame’r us like i own that store
but i ebay sell it cause own 1 soul

a lot of people want to be famous
they want this
not a fortune, a fame
that won’t work for it
so turn if you need to

the top is not really what you think it is
it’s drops, shots, photo ops with a fliest’s chicks
illusions of money that you’ve never really seen
or pics and a whip that you’re not pushing
a job that you hide cause you can’t be broke
sh+t, how can i be vince jeyhrom

the top is not really what you think it is
the air is thin, but please don’t suck it
cause it’s not wind
matter of fact, this sh+t is poisonous
but they keep hoisting it
so where’s my voice in this
i ain’t ask for this
this how it is
they just wanted it
denied it
blame that sauna sh+t and you want it
go get it
this ain’t no place for the timid
my eyes is always tinted
so them f+ck n+ggas can’t see in it
this time it’s ours
and i’m just counting my minutes
want an inside view, view, view, view
i’m the man on the ledge either way
i lose, lose, lose, lose
do you catch my drip or you rather
i’m a point where i do or die
got no opponents, just i
facing off in this industry
battling off like we enemies
there’s always two sides
typically, there’s still chemistry
but they tearing down, we building a new high rise
and as i rise, i won’t fall
i’ll skydive
baby, you’ll be famous
baby, you’ll be famous

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