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viofloxka – oyk lyrics


go ask the o’s , i get active
if i catch dudey, on bro i ain’t passing
she a baddie? that b+tch is a catfish
free all the guys, we gon’ go get to packin’
on that, please don’t lack
spin through my block, you get packed up like
like, don’t run, don’t trip
slide in apartments and throw more than 6
steam the notti, or the dot
movelook really caught one to the ‘nog
n+gga, f+ck that, put the beam on his head, make him fall back
push up on me, get laid where the floor at
f+ck that, when i see a bad b+tch, i’ma touch dat
keep flockin’
and lee banga, that b+tch ain’t on nothin’
f+ck pj, i could have that boy duckin’
n+gga don’t put my deads in your songs
he said what? now he on the floor
spin through the sev and show me what you on
dd said flock ain’t doing what?
okay, watch when i bend
oyk, b+tch i’m feeling nazzy
he get shot if he smoking on nazzy
smoking mexii (mexii)
mix it with nick, now its heavy
i’m with reaper, keeping chops while we creeping like creepers
we smoke notti (notti)
said he ready for war, now he deady (dotty)
and free flocka, mr. up on honcho with his knocka
you a flocka? you don’t do what you claim, so just stop it
(you a flocka? you don’t do what you claim, so just stop it)
b+tch, i’m a shooter, i don’t ever fight
and i boom for rite
get a n+gga tight, i’m a shooter, so come with your pipe
i be up all night, i be spinning through rpt sending them kites
see a opp, f+ck the beam, i got aim
catch a oy, i do him like caine (oyk)
oh, oh, oh my god!
oh, oh my god!

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