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violent femmes – flamingo baby lyrics


you’re a flamingo
you stand on one leg
you’re a flamingo baby
you hatched from an egg
well you hold your foot up
so delicately over the sea
and when it comes down
it comes down on me
well it used to want to hump you
i used to want to rock and roll
i was attracted to your gracefulness
but your surprise sure took it’s toll
now i guess i’d better go out now
gonna try to find something new
and all i’m left with is this craving
for some flamingo stew
now the beauty’s in the gutter
the loveliness is off her throne
in the eyes of the beholder it’s gone
and now he feels kind of alone
but this feeling it’s the kind that will shortly p-ss
i’m gonna find myself another bird
and roll on down the gr-ss

gordon gano: vocal, acoustic guitar, slide solo
brian ritchie: acoustic b-ss guitar, ukelele
victor delorenzo: conga drum

mixed by david vartanian

© gorno music reprinted with permission