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viper (bra) – dead light lyrics


looking for a smile inside this place
walking through the rooms
makes the time go away

every time is madness time
you close your door to me
screaming in the night is the music here

i’ll go on looking for the dreams
’cause i never found you inside of me

i watch the sunrise behind your eyes
see the future don’t pray tonight
don’t you ever cry please get me out of here
i’ll never find the answer for you and me

i’ll go looking for the screams
and i’ll never find you inside of me

running for the day, bleeding in the night
nightmare fills the dreams and i’m hungry for life
love is insanity, impossible to find
and going on means going far into the dead light

waiting for a light in the sky
colors and reality
are black and white

give me back the things i had
and leave me alone
some day we’ll meet again after my dawn

i met you in the dark
i brought you to the light
now there’s a dead light
burning deep inside of you and me