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visage – visa-age lyrics


name the place, for a rendez-vous
name the time, and i’ll get to you
take a train, take a motorway
and take a plane, take it any day

and take a drink, as you leave the ground
time to think, hearing headphone sound
close your eyes, you’re drifting far away
realise, that you’ll be home today

i know the place
i can’t forget
i’ll go direct

leave the trash, of your life behind
it’s time to move, shake those ties that bind
letting go, all that’s old and blue
you’ve gotta know, just where you’re going to

so take a chance, and take a case in hand
we find romance, it’s a far off land
close your eyes, you’re drifting far away
and realise, you could be there today

a different time
another place

i know you from somewhere
i know we’ve met

a different town
another place
these destinations

so faint in the distance
a speck on the map
a stamp on my p-ssport
no time to look back