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vita et mors – rg round 1 lyrics


man does it feel good to be back

you guys thought i died, but now i’m back to bring stuff to diss you
6x sent my soul back down like, “nah we we’re just f-cking with you”
got called up, was starting jv but now i’m varsity
adrenaline flows through my arteries man am i gonna be hard to beat
my new name is opportunity and curiosity
cuz i come knocking and k!ll you cats with animalistic ferocity
god i’m gonna drop a beat
it starts to bleed, stop the leak
call police, of course drive slow isn’t me at my top speed
man am i on point
to listen you’d probably blow dudes
i just had a cold at the cuckoo’s nest but i’m over one flew
tunes if pac saw you biting him he’d think of you like he did nas
i’ll call you .357 because i’m against all odds
laying down the base, god looking down at my face
chasing first place
my skin is white though, so f-ck a race!
reaching for the cleaver
make an atheist a believer
bringing flames to ignite the fumes from my last round’s ether