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vivi, mori – drivesafe lyrics


[verse 1]
being my homie right now’s like sitting courtside, woah
might be d league in this b+tch, don’t mean we don’t shine, woah
what’s a couple hundred? they gon make them bands right back
give us a couple hundred; watch it multiply, turned stacks
this that wakin’ up and knowing you ain’t got sh+t
faith inside yourself, no one can tell you that you not rich
hit the bank, you see those numbers
there might be no profit
but give it couple months and watch it take off like a rocket

me and jai been fiending for this sh+t since probably fourth grade
tryna sell our hoodies like we just crеated north face
they tеll me i’m onto something, i’m just like, you don’t say?
where were you when i was tryna sell beats with my woes? aye

[verse 2]
one more day with zori right before he moves up north
i’m gon’ miss my little brother, he a college boy
this the mission that we started back when we was kids
next time that you visit, promise we’ll be straight dumb rich

ride round town in the same four door
we not broke but we still want more
i said this through the whole d+mn tape
and i still want cake and a few new+
don’t need new friends, no new love
i got that so i’m good, wassup
won’t sleep ’til the whole fam’ eats
so i still grind hard ’til the racks go up