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void – personal idiocy lyrics


which way will i p-ss on?
who will i have to be, and what am i now?
will i know everything,
when i die?

doesn’t matter how hard i try,
i won’t be able to escape,
from the world’s f-cking impressions,
i won’t be a pioneer

and read, listen, speak!
speak to me, so i can be more!
but you capture my soul
with your words and false belief

who can i be in masks behind?
those are just the mirrors of mankind
i believe i’m on my own
and the world doesn’t leave me alone

i would be grey too
as faceless people do
splodge soul
who dares to fell no more

there is another way i can choose
i have to dig deeper
i can’t see the direction,
i have to find it soon!
your light is blinding me,
i won’t be a painting of thee!

shut up b-st-rd, leave me alone!
i will never believe you!
you take away my soul
say your filthy words no more!

the truth is mine
honest and pure
if you hide me from the world
i won’t come back to you!

and listen b-st-rd, leave me alone!
i will never believe in you!
won’t have to be with me anymore
forge your life like others do!