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vybz kartel – come breed me lyrics


“come breed me”

stephen da gyal deh belly too flat an too even
hey bloodclaat gyal
heaven sent yuh b
mi need mi family
mi love yuh baby
mi love mi baby
can yuh give me ah baby
mi need mi family
yuh fi breed before yuh even leave
and and and dats why

[verse 1:]
come yah gyal mek mi mek yuh belly swell
buddy come free p-ssy nuffi sell
gimme yuh numba fi yuh digicel cah ah long time yuh waan breed fi kartel
yuh tell mi yuh man seh yuh nuffi run none an yuh nah gi him bun
and and and dats why

from yuh come ah mi yaad mi done know weh yuh ah pree
mi ask if yuh need sumting yuh cyaan speak
mi know yuh don come fi watch tv
mi done see ah f-ck yuh waan skin out di tight p-ssy gimme
whenever yuh feel sumting ah crawl inna yuh belly
put yuh lips pon mi ears an sing
kartel come breed miseh dat again
kartel come breed meweh yuh nah do
mi nah guh dash weh yuh baby… yuh will
no me nah go dash weh yuh babyahright den
kartel come breed meseh dat again
kartel come breed meweh yuh nah do
mi nah guh dash weh yuh babyahright
no mi nah guh dash weh yuh baby

[verse 2:]
come ya gyal mek we have a little fun
mi have ah million ways fi yuh tun
if mi choke yuh when mi ah c-m yuh fi stand up an tek f-ck don run
mi buddy ask yuh p-ssy ah question
gyal yuh eva f-ck wid ah gun man
c-cky ah drop inna yuh p-ssy like bombbomb!



[verse 1]


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