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wade bowen – doug’s song lyrics


if you’re ever in lubbock, texas, be sure to look me up
i’ll be the one on the barstool too d-mn drunk to get up
i’ll be drinkin one for you
since you said we’re through
without you honey what else can i do

yeah i got good friends in whiskey, they let me know they care
every morning, noon, and night-time
well they’re here when you’re not there
you can’t make a drunk quit drinking
you can’t make the waters part
you sure as h-ll can’t mend my broken heart

father time has told me, son, she’s long gone
but her memory just lingers on, lingers on
well what else can i say
guess i gone and lost my way
her memory died just the other day

everyday, i go on living
i take each day at a time
when i wake up, i awake in sorrow
as i watch you, walk right on out my door

if you’re in lubbock texas, be sure to drive on through
we got enough here of your kind, sure as h-ll don’t need you
well you bothered me too much
h-ll you made me write this song
i’ll be happy when you’re long gone

yeah i’ll be happy
i’ll be happy
well i’ll be happy when you’re long gone