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waifs – waitress lyrics


i thought i’d move to sydney
to get a little piece
of the city life they talk about
in the 90’s.
where everyone i meet
don’t want to know my name
they want to know what i do for a living

my songs don’t earn me money
or fill my pockets with cash
every time i go busking
i make more in hash
everything i want is getting
further out of reach
like that funky little apartment
down on bondi

i’ve been getting cozy with a kiwi boy
he’d kill me if i said
he was sweet as apple pie
he’s going to leave me and hit the road
he’s touring with the theater
if you see him say i said h-llo
all the birthday money my parents sent
was spent on the phonebill and paying the rent
frijole, guacamole anything you want
i’m working as a waitress
in a mexican restaurant