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wale – triumph lyrics



[verse 1 – wale]
ladies and gentlemen [echo]
i ain’t tryin to be politically correct
but i won’t rest ’til i’m givin my respect
and my vision isn’t set on the money i get
but more less the vets, i’m comin for y’all neck
i ain’t ?, just feelin how you felt when you came more or less
the change is imminent
i asked mr. west for a little bit of help
realized us new n-gg-z got to get it ourself
so i dreamed of presentin myself
and the only thing i fear is i being shelved
the c-cky, lobbyist for n-body
book so many b-tches should of been a c-m laude
f-ck the camaraderie with b rate artists
i’m ballin, you n-gg-z is arliss, so watch this
always knew where the pot was
with no receivers had the pickin of a option
tommie frazier on the motherf-ckin one or two’s
or michael vick if y’all bark n-gg-, y’all through [echo]

[verse 2 – wale]
yeah, 25, 25, 25, can i get 30?
my side jones is fat and my freak jones is purdy
why? ’cause i mac like (bernie)
and she swallow everything like (kirby)
not puckett but i hit it then i duck a b-tch
and older women put a n-gg- on their bucket list
me against you, the movie of the year
’cause you (slumdog) and i’m the (millionaire)
their buzz internet and mines internat-
ional, wearin that, chanel fitted cap
i know they suck, i’m just showin you where my city at
where fiends always on that water like a lily pad
but since mark put a n-gg- on that lily track
i had the british hoes talkin ’bout bring him back
but that’s a sh-tty accent, you should’ve figured that
’cause i’ve been drinkin to the point that i’m a dizzie ra-
scal, fix up, look sharp joe
’cause i’m a look that part until i’m all broke, yeah [echo]