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walk off the earth – no ulterior motives lyrics


no ulterior motives, all my focus on you
i can’t hide the way i’m feeling girl
who’s kidding who

well we just met but girl there’s something that i like
i’ll get right to the point
i will not waste your time, i said
i’d like to get to know you inside out and backwards, then i’ll know
i like your smile but i love the way you laugh
i keep on thinking that i know you from my past, i said
i’m giving you what you need
well i should gain control but i can’t stop thinking

girl i wanna drink from your cup
you got me goin’ girl, i can’t get enough
wanna taste you on my lips, girl i’m in l-st
you got me goin’, you got me goin’

i like the way you talk
i love the words you choose
you keep surprising me with all your thoughts and views, i think
is she too good to be true?
’cause i don’t think i ever met a girl like you

and i won’t wait or waste your time
i’ll tell you what’s on my mind
i need you and you need me
well i am here to fulfill your needs