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wang chung – a fool & his money lyrics


(michael leeson / peter vale / jack hues / peter wolf)

the longer love survives
the more it’s easy to be blind
when it is obvious it’s over
i put my trust in you
i spent my love and i thought i knew
but now things just don’t look the same
i paid the price with a love i thought was strong
counting on you i was wrong

just like a fool and his money
just like a fool, i let it slip away
just like a fool and his money
all the love has gone

you think everything’s all right
but love can change that all over night
and the hand you hold is colder
and then your fortunes fade
you really need the gold that you’ve thrown away
and all you believed in has changed
i paid the price for leaving love to chance alone
now i know this bird has flown

repeat chorus

as the rain pours down in a starless night
and my heart longs only for you
a fool to cry

repeat chorus