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warhammer – the capacity of tragic lyrics


[lyrics by v. frerich]
[music by f. frynojewski and v. frerich]

on barren wastelands, the distress lies uncovered
discrepancy between the factions called for collapse
the root of disgrace lies in every single being
that ever stalked this earth so unworthy

mankind will surely drift over the edge
the legacy of reproval intensifies itself
no more fertility, only interments expand
forever we’ll drown in pools of red

what makes a determined sinner try to believe
that the capacity of tragedy is unlimited
when we speak our sad and vain valediction
who will be left to listen to this malediction?


on barren wastelands, all perception fades away
the panic settles down, a form of stillness sets in
we wait for absolution that will never be given
and forever we’ll drown in everlasting oblivion


we will drown in pools of red