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warren_budget – !bakers dozen fin! (prod.jakeone) lyrics


jake one catapults instrumental
baker’s dozen lyrics
(2.963 w/s)

she’s a phenomenal animal woman, manning mechanical ovens
all over fashion distractions
olives and manicured m-ffins
mashing on the b-ttons, repercussions and percussion..
she’s concussing the reaper
sitting pretty in a baker’s dozen

got a posterpedic mattress with an actress on my p-n-s
calculating graduates that be advocating g*nius
ambidextrous hands, i don’t need to write
i see i the light every time she smiles cuz her t–th are white..

wrote this verse with a hypodermic needle
i’m the sh-t, you pop pills and start rolling like a dung beetle
red/ green, vaccine, wide screen, flat screen
dat piff, dat dream, black whip, blue queen

blue jeans, and i’m brutally jaded
she’s cooking noodles by candle lights, totally naked
full lunacy, ruefully wasted; we only lie when we’re truthfully faded
nothings true till the truth is created
gotta get galvanized
optimize profits, by maximizing market size
tranquilizing vandals, and antagonizing wives
man i’m m-ssacring mediocres, -n-lyzing lives
a maniacal maniac
slave to rock and rap
beaver on my mind like a davey crockett hat..
raccoon moccasins, daniel boone musket
ruckus causing rouffians, prison warden budget

no drive to be a soldier, the sophisticated stoner
got a mission, it’s to conquer, leave composers in a coma
i’m a mother f-ckin daughter f-cker
father of the filibuster, following the founding fathers
hemorrhaging peanut b-tter
betty b-tter looked a bit fl-stered seeing betty crocker rocking in a bed of lettuce
left for dead after getting shredded throwing up the rest of breakfast…
getting in a crevice like an adolescent dentist

rolls royce corduroys, iridescent tortoises
turquoise forests filled with phosph0r-scent carc-sses
slaying succubus’s with subservient serbians
succ-mbing to the stories of the solid gold serpents
urchin when i poke
sneezing out powder and i’m burpin up smoke, in a purple bath robe
sea green turtle, smoking through a snorkel
this is real, this is rural
preleague intramurals…
and marmoset morals