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watkins – good problems (introduction) lyrics


it seems i’m always searching for those answers i can’t find
it seems i’ve paid the largest price just to open up my mind
the warmest hearts hold the coldest smiles and all that’s intertwined
so take it slow

life’s just one big ferris wheel
she’ll raise you up and knock you on your heels
life’s just one big ride
you gotta accept the lows to reach the highs
then you will find
there’s no compromise

to these good, good problems
these good, good problems
these good, godd+mn problems
thеse good, good, good problems

something biggеr now
just can’t figure out
let’s consider how
life’s not just what it seems
at least to me

am i looking to the past to explain my identity
too worried about the future to see what the now will bring
distracted by material lies that the city streets will sing
but strip me down to my roots and i’ll finally be free
the paradox of choice has us all questioning
“did i make the right decisions? am i the happiest that i can be?”
“do i wait for others to provide the answers of my hopes and dreams?”
to waste away, living day to day in another man’s beliefs