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wayne hancock – cold lonesome wind lyrics


it’s after two, and it just started to rain
lord the wind is blowin’ like an ol’ freight train
a distant thunder stirs me from my bed
and all those longin’ memories that i once thought was

cold lonesome wind, take me back home
back to the country where i belong
help me relive, those days again
take me back home, cold lonesome wind

my dad made sure we never missed a meal
he worked those hours long and hard to keep up on the
my mother she meant everything to him
and it’s nights like this that really start me missin’
both of them

(repeat chorus)


(repeat chorus)

the years have p-ssed and we’ve all moved away
despite of everything that’s gone, we’re all doin’ ok
on certain lonesome stormy nights, i can still be found
searching through the memories of that little oil town

(repeat chorus)
take me back home, cold lonesome wind