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webbie – baddest in here lyrics


wat up, wat up
we in dis b-tch
webbie trill ent young savage
we in dis b-tch
i’m lookin for da baddest b-tch up in here
we in dis b-tch
we in dis b-tch
i want her, i want her
we in dis b-tch

n-gg-s still talking thousands, man dats ol’ money
i den got so much of cake, i’m gettin hoes money
like da birdman b-tch, i got blow money
lookin for a friend girl, tryna let her hold something
pull up in a cold something, bought a whole dozen bottles
da club still bucking jus to throw something
just got finished smokin a cigar, finna roll something
i got my people wit me, look like a hundred of us
stupid as chain on, i spent a hundred something
bent her over like a dawg, i had her running from me
ask me where i came from, i told dat hoe from nuthin
lil pretty perky t-tties, booty like a bubble
told me dat she had a man, she do it on da under
u know savage gone, stay wit da baddest one
heard it was gone be jumpin, so i jus had to come
i’m on a hundred dawg, man who i’m lookin for


we got big dollas, yaw got lil chips
champagne bottles, riding round in big whips
we make it rain on em, yaw make it drip drip
i’m tryna leave wit da baddest b-tch in here
throw some cheese on da baddest b-tch in here
make ya self seem like u da baddest b-tch in here
i believe she da baddest b-tch in here
yes indeed u da baddest b-tch in here

f-ck dat sh-t, i want dat b-tch there
da pretty one, i don’t want da sadiddy one
seen to many ratchet -ss hoes gettin sitcoms
‘hind closed doors, all dey do is suck big boys
everytime i go up to da awards, imma get one
matter fact me and phat just gone just stick one
really in da streets mane, i ain’t just on
da microphone checkers, dey crack up under pressure
lookin for da baddest b-tch up in here
and wen i get her, imma hit her and forget her
and name a n-gg- trilla, i’ll admit it
ain’t da richest n-gg-, but my cake, straight
and most of these other n-gg-s fake
drankin rosa, smoking on grapes
and i can sit here, and throw dis money all day
let em hate
remind them haters don’t play
i’ll hate to have to bl–dy up da place


i want my b-tch to be a big fine -ss juicy
and u don’t have to tell her, she know wat she doing
trill ent still here still booting
da b-tch standing still, but her booty still moving
can catch me in a benz drop top just cruising
or even in da club popping bottles wit a cutie
da n-gg-s hollering at me, sayin webbie how ya do it
got dat type of sh-t, dat a make everybody loose it
these n-gg-s rapping bout gettin money
can’t prove it, n-gg- i got 9 or 10 cars sittin stupid
and these n-gg-s going to jail high p-ssy stupid
cuz i den seen some hoes leave some n-gg-s lookin stupid
cupid, yaw ain’t playa’s yaw foolish
spend ya last dolla on cuchi, u a clown
you clown of excuses, and we got money flying everywhere
so just excuse it,