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when forever ends – sheep among wolves lyrics


i will fight the good fight[2]
i’ll labor on to see the sunrise
my name will never be known
they cannot steal what i do not own[3]
we are the sheep
we are the sheep among wolves[4]

forsaking my face
in the dirt, on my knees
life in the underground
planting pockets of seeds
this seed i sow
will someday become eternal oaks[5]

there is no law
there is no rule
there is no protection

one mistake
means death to the apostate

taking on the mind of a thief
to live in peace
we are the sheep surrounded by wolves

i am a criminal for my family
i am a criminal for the cause
i am a criminal for my god

i have given up my rights and my position
i have given up my future
my body is a sacrifice
i forgive the men that will k!ll me

when i think of the kingdom to come
what’s one day of death?
we won’t cling to this skin
as if there’s nothing left[6]

1: this song contains quotes from christians who live in restricted nations in the middle east, as seen in the film sheep among wolves from frontier alliance international
2: 1 timothy 6:12
3: 1 corinthians 6:19#20
4: matthew 10:16
5: isaiah 61:3
6: revelation 12:11