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white ape – jumpman remix lyrics


[verse: white ape]

jumpman jumpman jumpman
yeah i got the rythm
i like my crew behind me, my girl with the ring on
no i ain’t a gangsta, i will never pretend
but still your gangstas think i’m a phenomenon ooh!
who the f-ck you with? who you think you frontin’?
you’re a type to type boy, but you won’t do nothing
if your girl gives no answer, than guess who she’s calling
if you think that i’m mean, than you should know that worse is coming
i ain’t a star, but haters talkin’ astronomy
you rappers make junky food, i make gastronomy
so this is a shout out to you rappers
i think most of you need to see a speach therapist ooh
they be like [?]
[?] pull up skrt
who the f-ck can get a single word
n0body, cause they know their sh-t wouldn’t work
jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, i jumped over them
jumpman jumpman i jumped over the ocean
i said boss when she asked my favorite position
now she talks love, i’m skipping the conversation, like wooh!
i swerve, and you should really pay attention
i’m wayyyyy up what’s your orientation
white ape, white ape, white ape, came from nothing
yours are jumping, even your hoe is blushing!