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white rabbits – i’m not me lyrics


i’m not me

there was a time i was customer
the man that [?] follow you
and even further in something you [?]
just someone [?]
it’s nothing personal,
it’s nothing personal!
those two arrive after you leave
one man is one and just the center gravity
you live a reminder of a different memory
but i’m only thinking
it’s nothing personal,
it’s noting personal!

all i want is to [?]
is just something to believe
it’s just that i’m not me,
i’m not me, i’m not me!

hmm, you got it, nothing else to control
oh, if it’s all the same, let the truth talk [?]
[?] it’s nothing personal,
it’s just that i’m not me
i’m not me, i’m not me!
uh, uh, uh

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