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why hotel – grey planet lyrics


[verse 1]
fallen from the black and white
shaking all the dust away
looking to a starry night
did i ever have a name?
guess i gotta find my own way

[verse 2]
running with the elephants
under constellations bright
knocking over every fence
more space, gotta feed the fire
anger, smoke, pain, desire

we used to bleed red
we used to see green
we used to look ahead
now there’s nothing to believe
grey planet

[verse 3]
through the flame, the atmosphere
clever man, they burned the soul
now we pace this world in fear
like a bloodshot animal
faceless, trigger, mechanical

[verse 4]
looking through this telescope
like the barrel of a gun
wearing necklaces of rope
truly aren’t we having fun?
doing whatever we want, it’s done

we used to sing blues
back when we were young
we used to have hues
now we’re chanting at the sun
grey planet

we used to see signs
we used to dream dreams
we used to trace lines
now we’re tossing in the seas
grey planet
grey planet
grey planet

a moment came, i saw your silhouette
a flash of light was burning overhead
all i remember next is you were gone, gone, gone

we used to build walls
we used to plant fields
we used to have bones
have our color’s been revealed?
grey planet

we used to make tombs
we used to have a past
we burned up the truth
now we’re combing through the ash
grey planet
grey planet
grey planet