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wifisfuneral – fallen soldier / nobody lyrics


fallen soldier

okay like, heaven couldn’t find me
i was lost up in the dark
thumbin’ through my blue hundreds
my depression’s such a cause
smoke my life between the vapors
god almighty, swear i’m anxious
split skin pick i’m waitin’
hope you find me when i decide the day is over
hang it on your shoulder hoping that you could notice
okay let’s go, i was posted by my grave
hey bae come lay with me, like won’t you take the day with me
your feelings in tune with the mood, so don’t you move from your spot
i hold you down like a lock, throw away the key to your lock
and if we die then so what, rose grow from the concrete and such
p.s. to this letter, life sucks
might die from the tip of my gun, blow off my sh-t cause it’s fun
that afterlife what we want, but when we gone it means nothin’
so watch me burn and just crumble
a fallen soldier who couldn’t, that proof is right in the pudding
i crack the fortunate the cookie hoping that nooky could save me
i contemplate on life daily, hoping i could meet the maker
and if the maker could save me
i hope he got a little spot that we can kick it though
gold seats inside the chevy, yeah impala pick and roll pick and roll
hope you play with it, grab that gun then you sprayin’ sh-t
hoping that you don’t spray this b-tch, yeah

okay i’m lost in my mind, aye
trapped up in my thoughts, aye
this ain’t what you want okay, this life is such as war okay
i’m lost in my mind, okay
trapped up in my thoughts, okay
this ain’t what you want yeah, my life is just a-


[verse 2]
whatchu gon’ do when this falls
and then your back against the wall, no one to call for comfort
dawg, see i been going through it all just to get sh-t, split kick it
i’m tired of waiting for a f-ckin’ shot for when
like i ain’t too far from them, i’m too far from a spot when
listen, i was broke, p-ss poor liquor store blues
wh-r-s in the valley, they just wanna give it all
and we just yellin’ figaro
crisp nike airs with the jumpsuit
oh, watch the fledges come through
b-m rush through your trap heavily
it’s the belly of the beast
i hope satan’s not f-cking mad at me
living life in a tragedy
living life oh so lavishly
ravishing rick rude, that neckbreaker, can’t handle him
listen, i’m in havel’s pit
all up with a angel tip watch as the angel angers him, kurt
angle em’ breaking sh-t
champion flow that save a b-tch
can’t f-ck with none of y’all n-gg-s
i’m out here kurt cobain’in sh-t

[verse 3]
i swear to god i hope jesus could clean my plate with a picture
but if it’s worth a thousand words then i’m just blind to the distance
blinded aim with a pistol
maybe my conscience won’t like me
i take it off to the mental
but if i am just who i hate then tell me why i won’t let go
back stabbed in the audi 6
hit a hundred then k!ll a b-tch
melting within the acid trip
listen, i fade back to my memory
fade it back never mention me
her malice wanted some p-ssion p-ssion juice for the mood
depression built within the basket
water drop my tears in the puddle leaking just like a fountain
don’t you know that i’m the same n-gg-
rolling with the same motive
money over everything
i gotta keep the game focused
rondo number 9 with the shot but to my left i’m peeping
wade open