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wifisfuneral – light skin trick daddy lyrics


[verse 1]
ride through your hood like i own it
backwoods back on deck b-tch we zoning
30 ounces of skunk yeah we smoking
i’m off of two xannies, i’m rollin
the return of the light skin pimp
finna getcha b-tch blowed on a zip
then i dip in that p-ssy it’s wet yeah that gushy
young trunks to all yo b-tches when i let my hair grow
finna death beam in all up in that -ss with this metal cooler condom real slow
and tell yo b-tch i’m tippin’ on 44s in my caddy
walking round like im the lightskin trick daddy
huffin and puffin the bud
im rollin a dub
f-ck n-gg- you talking slick rappin w-ssup
like you know we can b-mp
its the beast from the east
i got your b-tch f-cking and sucking
straight down to her knees, like please she bow to a g at ease
i step in the streets
like n-gg- come test it
1-2 and i’m through leave that n-gg- straight breathless
and i’m back in the cut like its time for some action
beat a n-gg- -ss if he want a palm beach p-ss
think fast got the fie c-cked in the back trunk
don’t make the seat blast
let a f-ck n-gg- test
best believe that tech will be up to his neck
my n-gg- my n-gg- i’m already dead
my n-gg- my n-gg- we out for you head
my n-gg- my n-gg- you filled up with lead
k!ll myself in that black ferrari
these horror thoughts , see they ain’t never gon leave
they gon always haunt me
see you’on know nan n-gg- that could f-ck with me
ain’t no nan n-gg- that can flow me
ain’t no nan n-gg- who already deceased
ain’t no nan n-gg- burning blunts like a forest fire when he pull up to the scene
huffin and puffin that purpley green
if i f-ck with yo b-tch i will get in between
you praying these n-gg-s ain’t f-cking with me
resurrected from the tomb
black plague spreading threw my veins
got yo b-tch p-ssy poppin in my room
and if there is a problem n-gg- tell me what you do
look me in my eyes i don’t give a f-ck who the f-ck you

and tell yo b-tch i’m tippin’ on 44’s in my caddie, walking ’round like i’m the light skin trick daddy! (x4)