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wifisfuneral – xxl freshman freestyle: lyrics


ayy, i see dead people when i’m walking outside
i was raised to be on my sh-t, stay ten toes outside
like is you really down to ride? don’t think you live this life
i could walk to h-ll and back, you know i’ll be alright
i told my dog to watch my back ’cause him and i, we can’t lack
keep it silent when i’m walking, i stop tweaking with the flats and
i just made a call to rex, see us on facetime with the strap
down pat racked up on thirty bands, you know that
usain bolt to the guap, fall flat
hurricane chris my fist, oh yeah
hold up shawty, you know that i tweak, ayy
beams got me geeking, sh-t i bit down on my cheek, ayy
pulled up in that royce like who that there, like sh-t it’s weef, ayy
long way just from trapping out your mommy, sh-t i see, ayy
thirty on the bezel, d-mn like yeah that’s just a piece, ayy
i can’t f-ck no hoes, that b-tch contagious like a sneeze, ayy
blow pounds of the gas in outer sp-ce, you know my st–z, yeah
blow pounds of the gas in outer