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wild wes – i’m ill (wild mind remix) lyrics


yeah! 2020 is the motherf–kin’ year. yall!
i’m always gettin’ funky. check it

[verse 1]
who is the one with all of that b-ss
that’s right. it’s me and i’m gonna blast it in your face
you need to keep hearing this. we gonna get funky
i’m always gettin’ funky. man you can’t stop me
b-ss. that’s what we blast
the stock is running out better go get it fast
we makin’ beats forever. funk is the game
i’m the w. you know my name
hear da boom bap all the way to the end
when the albums over you’ve made a friend
it’s the boom bap. never ever gonna stop
when the beat plays the b-ss is gonna drop
while i’m blasting the b-ss, it’ll never sound wonky
you all know that i’m always gettin’ funky

[verse 2]
i’m always blastin’ funk. you laughed at me? punk!
get outta here. we don’t take crunk
funk gettin’ louder. i’m prouder
to be a producer. i’m not the loser
here. all you better have fear
everything you say doesn’t sound sincere
blast. the way the b-ss plays
i’m gettin’ better. you don’t know my ways
i’m impossible to beat. impossible to see
if you gonna hate the funk i’m gonna hit ya in the knee
we don’t take that. you best step back
if you think the track is nothin’ but whack
look at your face. you look kinda sleepy
the sleep never knew that i’m always funky

[verse 3]
somehow, i can’t remember the times
when my dumba– didn’t even have good rhymes
how about i take this over to 100
when the beat plays that b-ss is what trappers dread
they love 808s i love b-ss
you all love trap. what a disgrace
schmoobin. what’s wit ya?
i know wild wes 2 was terrible but now i’m gonna switch up
boom! gonna meet your doom
when i ain’t around the stage appears to be a gloom
place. i’m gonna rock this stage
then i’m gonna fill with rage
because i ain’t aboutta steppa
to a beat knocka
mr funkee be the chief rocka