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willie the kid & v don – days off none lyrics


’cause you don’t know when the police are going to come up behind you
and you don’t know when someone’s gonna lie to k!ll you
you don’t know when someone that your selling dope to is going to try get you

yo, far removed from the foolish antics
watch your hands when you speak frantic
my n+ggas here for the shenanigans, no semantics
nights at atlantis
the champagne was spanish, hopelessly romantic (yo, yo, yo)
notably [?], [?] bahamas
running errands in pyjamas, for the commas (yeah)
i play the game like it’s badgammon (play to win)
the gun jam, you getting backhanded (yo, yo, yo)
i’m out cold like a pack of salmon
black [?], at the outcovе
backhanded compliments, we poppin’ sh+t (yo, yo, yo)
i must insist that i’m not convincеd (not at all)
n+ggas dropping, but it’s hit or miss, and most times it’s miss
i’d be remiss if i ‘on diss these n+ggas (you got to)
fake friends wanna reminisce, remember this?
all we got is memories, no remedies (yo, yo, yo)
my name will ring on for centuries (just forever, n+gga)
blue notes

in the east, the first big snowstorm of 78’
it doesn’t [?] even lightly, but drops thirteen inches on philadelphia
leaves the new jersey turn [?] trucks and cars
for new york, it’s eighteen inches



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